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MatchPlay Cards at Watford Football Club

Ranked inside the top 50 of the Academy Productivity for 2021, Watford FC Academy has had a long and rich history in developing players with an academy programme that values the game, supports players to make in-game decisions and develops not only the footballer but the person as well.

Using MatchPlay Cards© in the Foundation Phase curriculum and the Category 1 Premier League Games Programme, Academy Coach, Paul Barry shares the impact of using MatchPlay Cards© to challenge players in games and support players to be more adaptive...

"I'm a big advocate of MatchPlay Cards© they a really effective and visual aid to support players to interact, it gives them variety" adding that when it comes to game days, MatchPlay Cards© are added to connect players with their position; "I use a tactics table and then assign a MatchPlay Card to each individual player, choosing cards that link to their individual development plans and where they'll play on the field."

Delivering a heavily games based programme that is representative of the demands of the game,