MatchPlay Cards


Promote thinkers, add challenge, provide support and unleash creativity with MatchPlay Cards. Supporting coaches to deliver practices that are representative of the game's demands. Asking players to make in-game decisions and problem-solve their way through the team and individual challenge cards in this deck. Add them into training games or introduce match day challenges that mirror your playing philosophy to create a game within a game.


We know what coaching can be like so for that reason, all our products are produced in a debit card material. Ready for your adventures!


Multi Sport
Plastic Material
Debit Card size

  • What are coaches saying?

    “A great innovation to help young people take ownership of their own learning.”


    “I used the cards in my session, the kids loved them. Brilliant for all 4 corners… Technical/ tactical, psychological, physical and social.


    "Ideal if your stuck for planning time and want to challenge players individually."

  • Card Material

    We like to do things differently at The Coaching Lab and for that reason, our cards aren't produced in the traditional material of paper. Instead we decided to go with a debit card style material.

  • Global Delivery

    Wherever you are in the world we will get your MatchPlay Cards to you!