MatchPlay Cards
  • MatchPlay Cards


    Create challenge, develop adaptive players and bring the game to life with MatchPlay Cards. Supporting coaches to coach through games-based practices, decision rich environments that ask players to problem-solve their way through the team and individual challenge cards in this deck.


    Add them into training games or add them to a matchday to connect training with the game, create a game within a game with bonus points and player challenges. Keep them close to you when planning sessions as an added library of ideas for session design. 


    MatchPlay Cards are underpinned by the games based approach to coaching. They put players at the centre, actively involving them in the game, developing their creative decision-making skills to adapt and overcome.


    50+ Cards




    • “A great innovation to help young people take ownership of their own learning.”

    • We know what the life of a coach and teacher really is like and it is for that reason our whole MatchPlay Card range is produced in a debit card style material.