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How to coach mixed ability groups better

Coach the top of the game or coach the new intake of AUS Kickers or U16s Reserves, they're still mixed ability. It's why we made Footy MatchPlay Cards©️, because coaching is HARD!

You may have players who have never seen a footy before up against the footy loving kid who's played for 4 years or the player who stands at the back and doesn't tackle up against the energising bunny.

🏟 Play smaller sided games

Tradition says we need to play BIG 10v10 games at training but play 2 x 5v5s and you'll maximise engagement, more than double the involvement and create a chance to tactically place players on different fields.

We love adding a Footy MatchPlay Card©️ to one or more teams to play as a team challenge. Though the score remains important, it is now about how you play, a teams togetherness and problem solving to complete the challenge card.

📏 Measure more than the score

It sounds stupid but if you only measure the score as one form of feedback you'll either win or lose. Use Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ (Red and/or yellow!) that have bonus points attached to them and add these into your handball games and scratch matches.

Take it up a level and add Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ to a game day, pick out team and player challenges that relate to what you worked on at training.

"The impact of Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ on my coaching is been HUGE, the players keep asking for the cards, we play more games than ever before!" Volunteer parent coach.

🏉 Skill zones and game zones

Easily integrate games whilst teaching the games fundamentals using a skill zone and games zone model to training. The best of both worlds! Add Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ into the game zone that relate to the technical skills you are focusing on and play games within games.

  • Download our primary and secondary school games curriculum HERE.

  • Book a session for your club or school and see this action. Get in touch HERE!

🎴 Add player challenges

Impact how an individual interacts with the game by using Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ (the yellow ones!) as player challenges. Add your player challenges secrets into the game by using dry-by feedback and not stopping the game to hand a player card over.

Top Tip! Don't forget who you gave a Footy MatchPlay Card©️ to. Add your player challenge and take time to observe how that player behaviours and engages with the game.

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