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4 ways to use with Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ at training

Have a ripper training session every week with Footy MatchPlay Cards©️, the smartest and more engaging way to teach the games fundamentals. Try our top 3 ways to play with your players!

✌🏼Set player challenges

For the player who stands at the back not moving... the one who doesn't talk... those players who only pass to each other... that player who needs to try something new...

Pick two players from your squad that need challenging or supporting, flick through your deck of Footy MatchPlay Card©️ (the yellow ones!) and find a challenge card for them.

It's as easy as pick them, add them, play them. Have your chosen Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ at the ready to play. Decide if you add your player challenges as secret missions so other players don't know or share them in front of the whole group.

👀 Player on player

Pair players up with an opposition player in the handball game you're playing, each pair will get a Footy MatchPlay Card©️ as their player challenge for the game. Adding multiple Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ into the game means each players interactions are different and more meaningful.

Peer to peer interactions are a powerful way of coaching mixed ability groups and large playing groups because you can transfer responsibility to the players.

🏟 Add team missions

We totally love this one! Give each team a different Footy MatchPay Card©️ as a team challenge for the coming period of play. A great way to promote problem solving, decision making and creating opportunities for players to communicate.

Our Top Tip is to play 3 x 6 minute games, where each teams get to change their Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ every game.

The randomness of adding different team challenges in training will transfer to a game day where players can adapt and show creativity based on what the opposition are doing.

To get better at the game, you need to play it. The best players are just great problem solvers who have solutions to problems. Add Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ to your sessions and develop players game craft.

🏃🏻‍♂️Play like your heros

Players feel most engaged when they have choice and challenge in the environment, us adults would never work for a boss who doesn't give use those two things.

Invite players to pick from the whole deck of Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ as to what challenges they want to play that session. Lay the deck out and as players rock up to the session let them pick.

Footy MatchPlay Cards©️, make coaching footy easy - Pick them, add them, play them! They’re the ultimate way to teach the games fundamentals to your players.


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