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Reflection MatchPlay Cards

🧠 Get your players THINKING: Have players select a card when they arrive at the session to generate a conversation.

🧏🏼 CHECK for UNDERSTANDING: All cards are designed with open questions so players can’t respond with one word answers.

⚡️Ask GREAT QUESTIONS: Connect players with small group huddles in sessions with different cards.

🚀Promote REFLECTION: Self reflect as a coaching group at the end of a session to support you plan for the next session or invite players to take cards with them for the car journey home.


TOTALLY MULTI-SPORT and made in our PLASTIC DESIGN because we know what the life of a coach is like.

Reflection MatchPlay Cards

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    See you them in action!

    "Would recommend for every sports teacher and coach."

    Alex, Australia, Director of Sport

    "Always great fun using these, leads to more engagement in pupils."

    Jamie, USA, PE Teacher