Reflection MatchPlay Cards


The conversation starters! We put all our favourite conversation starters together in one big bundle where the answers to questions can't be 'yes' and 'no'. They are a tool kit to make reflection accessible, playful and individualised. Reflection MatchPlay Cards support coaches and players to better understand their environment, experiences and decisions.


Bring them to life during training, half-time team talks or post-match to spark lively debate and initiate a conversation which might otherwise be missed. This deck is suitable for players and coaches of all age groups of the sporting pathway.

Plastic Material
Debit card size

  • Card Material

    We like to do things differently at The Coaching Lab and for that reason, our cards aren't produced in the traditional material of paper. Instead we decided to go with a debit card style material.

  • What are coaches saying?

    "Excellent quality and well thought out questions."


    "Very useful in my quest for asking questions to engage with player and parents more."


    “I used the cards in my session, the kids loved them. Brilliant for all 4 corners… Technical/ tactical, psychological, physical and social.


  • Global Delivery

    Wherever you are in the world we will get your MatchPlay Cards to you!