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Coaching the Foundation Phase

Ready, Set, Go! Fresh into the starting blocks, youngsters roll up at sporting facilities across the world to play the game they have maybe watched on TV or encouraged to explore a new sport. These foundation years are the starting point of every child that plays the game.

The coaches who sit alongside these age groups are the critical influencers in their future. We are role models and often on reflection their heroes who impact their vision, belief and love of the game. Promoting and encouraging players strengths into super strengths will continually push their self-awareness and also their self-belief.

"The people we have in front of us aren't adults and their not playing the adult game. The game they play should fit like a shoe, snug but enough room for movement without drowning."

It is an age bracket that has often fallen short of the extensive coaching resources out there. If you want to watch, hear or read into the brains of world-leading coaches, you wouldn't have to look too far. You can easily access professional club website with articles and videos to observe these world leaders working with their players.

Coach children as if they were your own aksing yourself - What would I say if I was watching this session? And would I want to be a player in this session? The personality, behaviours and actions of a coach at this youngest age group are potentially the most critical determinator in a child returning each week.

"A personality to inspire and connect is a golden ticket to creating an environment where players feel comfortable to be themselves and thrive to be even better. " Jack Rolfe - Founder of The Coaching Lab

Youngsters believe in miracles, they ride a journey of adventure and exploration on a trail of discovery. Their imagination is often untouched dreams are still sky-high, it is our role as coaches to promote these from feelings into actions. Creating a story of energy and trivia in our session delivery.

What we have spoken about here are the building blocks MatchPlay Cards. We wanted to create a resource which was not invasive to a coaches personality and delivery but rather supportive to them in coaching through games with the player/s sitting at the centre of everything, promoting more connection and deeper relationships between player - game - coach - environment.

At The Coaching Lab, we talk about unleashing creativity believing that creativity is the ultimate competitive advantage you can have. The ability to make decisions and find solutions that #ChangeTheGame is why we and MatchPlay Cards are here.

Discover their impact and #ChangeTheGame now -


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