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Sir Richard Branson’s spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and market disruption has seen Virgin start and grow countless businesses over the last 45 years. Now, Virgin StartUp are sharing their experiences to help the next generation of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

"Virgin StartUp is a not-for-profit organisation that helps entrepreneurs in England with the funding, resources and advice they'll need to make their business idea a reality. Our main focus is to help you get the support you need to turn your great idea into a successful and sustainable business."

The added value of having Virgin StartUp onboard will allow The Coaching Lab to look ahead to the future where we hope to see a growth in delivery and productivity to support frontline sports coaches. 


The Coaching Lab can create new friends, explore fresh places, share MatchPlay Cards plus a load more with guidance from Virgin StartUp

Jack Rolfe 


It was back in November of 2018 when The Coaching Lab first began real as we launched MatchPlay Cards. A playful concept of coaching with the player and game put at the centre surrounded and supported by four principles of practice to develop psychological and social skills in players. 

The MatchPlay Card series has grown in recent months with the added addition of Reflection MatchPlay Cards. 2020 will see more decks on their way and some exciting collaborations. Watch this space!

The biggest principle of design and decision making as always been #DontBeBoringBeExciting. It’s influenced everything and every decision we made since day one and will for every day to come. It’d be boring if we are all the same right… Discover them for yourself and unleash your creativity.

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