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How to play with MatchPlay Cards - EBook

Download this EBOOK and access a bespoke call with our Founder, Jack Rolfe, to help you maximise your MatchPlay Cards


  • ​​​​​Small Sided Games
  • 8 ways to engage young people
  • Primary and secondary games curriculum
  • World Class insights


Explore an interactive and multi sport resource to help you get the most out of MatchPlay Cards©️ and learn how to effectively add team and player challenges into your small sided games.

How to play with MatchPlay Cards - EBook


    See you them in action!

    "Would recommend for every sports teacher and coach."

    Alex, Australia, Director of Sport

    "Always great fun using these, leads to more engagement in pupils."

    Jamie, USA, PE Teacher

    "Great product, full of new ideas to get players thinking in games"

    Tom, Australia, Youth Coach