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Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ schools pack

Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ make teaching the games fundamentals more exciting, interactive and dead easy! Who doesn't love to play games? We know your kids keep asking!


  • X3 Decks of Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ for your school ($160)
  • Downloadable Primary and Secondary 8 weeks games curriculum ($60)
  • Bespoke online session to help you get the most out of your challenge cards ($200)


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Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ schools pack

£220.00 Regular Price
£195.00Sale Price
  • Your order of Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ will be shipped late April from VIC or WA with AUS Post. Only 50 Footy MatchPlay Cards©️ available on pre release.

See you them in action!

"Would recommend for every sports teacher and coach."

Alex, Australia, Director of Sport

"Always great fun using these, leads to more engagement in pupils."

Jamie, USA, PE Teacher