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Footy MatchPlay Cards©️

Pick them, add them, play them - It’s coaching made easy! Footy MatchPlay Cards©️, the ultimate and training tool to take your sessions and players to the next level. Packed with team and player challenges for every age group and level.


🙌🏻 Aged 7+ and beyond

🏟 40 team and player challenge cards

🧠 Made to get the players thinking and talking

💧Credit card plastic material (Made for cold wet winters!)


Save heaps of planning time, engage every player during your season and deliver consistently great sessions with unique challenges for your training games. Challenge players to problem solve, implement strategies, communicate and think creatively.

Footy MatchPlay Cards©️

  • All Australia orders are shipped from Western Australia with AUS Post.

See you them in action!

"Would recommend for every sports teacher and coach."

Alex, Australia, Director of Sport

"Always great fun using these, leads to more engagement in pupils."

Jamie, USA, PE Teacher

"Great product, full of new ideas to get players thinking in games"

Tom, Australia, Youth Coach