Working backwards from the game

The game will also be King. It is the ultimate feedback tool for us as coaches and for our players. If we can begin to recreate pictures of authentic experiences that look and feel like the game we will have more opportunities to coach the individual through games with principles and detail.

We take a snapshot view of working backwards from the game to promote player behaviours, team characteristics and influence tactical decisions with the use of team and player challenges plus reflection questions with our MatchPlay Card range.

Questions to influence your practice design: Is there aim for when the out of possession team regain the ball? (HUGE motivator!) What area of the pitch will you play in and how will this connect players minds towards the game? How many players will play for each team, what would the impact of playing against more or fewer numbers?

Selecting MatchPlay Cards: Who are you giving MatchPlay Cards to? And why? How would that certain card support or stretch the individual within the game? How long will each MatchPlay Card be in play for? Will you play the training game in quarters, thirds etc?

Stacked to the max with team and player challenges plus reflection questions. MatchPlay Cards bring your game to life. Supporting coaches to connect the game with their players, challenging them to find solutions, asking them to make decisions in varying scenarios and find opportunities to #ChangeTheGame.