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Promoting Decision Makers

Some may consider effective decision-making skills to be a natural attribute yet in most cases with an environment that is game-like, decision rich and deliberate our players will continue to grow their decision-making skills. If we are asking players to make decisions, then as coaches we must reflect and ask ourselves; is our training actually asking players to make decisions?

"No manager in the world can absolutely tell a player that second what will happen to them, they have to make that decision... and you have to put them in a position they can make clear decisions." Arsene Wenger, 22 years Premier League Manager at Arsenal FC

How often do we go into a matchday knowing exactly what the opposition will do? The question then comes back to training, how often do we give each team in training a different challenge?

Creating a valuable situation where players must identify and navigate their way through problems that the opposition throw at them. Challenge one team to identify their opposing teams' MatchPlay Card challenge before wrapping the experience together at the end with a joint team reflection or with peer to peer conversations.