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Meet the Founder... Jack Rolfe

Updated: Apr 28

A lover of coaching, coffee and Arsenal FC, meet The Coaching Lab founder, Jack Rolfe. An explorer of the coaching world racking up over 60,000 miles visiting sporting environments and hanging out with coaches, Jack is living the dream.

Coaching Heros?

In no particular order; Pep Guardiola, Ric Charlesworth, Eddie Jones and Sir Dave Brailsford. These four have changed their sports in approach, delivery and actions. Their legacies will influence countless people for years to come.

Coaching influencers?

Steve Lapere from football, Jamie Dwyer and Kwan Browne from hockey. I always try to take something from someone and somewhere, even if that is a reflection piece on my own coaching.

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Biggest influences:

  • Being dyslexic means I probably look at things from a different angle to others and tend to think in pictures rather not words.

  • Surviving as a supply teacher on my gap year. Biggest takeaways? Greet people, smile more, ask questions and be present in the room.

  • Spending time with the coaches at Reading FC Academy has opened my eyes to what player development can and probably should look like in more environments. You don't know really a success until the future because everything is about producing the best person and player. #10YearCoachingPlans

Best coaching environment you've visited?

I biased because I love football but I found Arsenal FC and Reading FC Academies brilliant. You say to yourself 'I want to be a player here' and that is a good indication of a positive environment. I take something from everywhere I go though and love to wrap visits together with pictures. Red Bull Racing was pretty cool as well!

If you had all the coaching power in the world what would you do?

Provide more support for the grassroots coach and have youngsters playing smaller sided games with different rules, they aren’t adults - Shorter netball posts, small football goals, get rid of hockey goalkeepers at U8/9… I certainly think we would see some benefits long-term!

Message to your younger self?

Chill out, ride the journey and enjoy every single minute. Ask for help more!

Favourite tag line?

Don’t be boring be exciting. I say it to myself almost every day as a reminder. It is the foundation of The Coaching Lab as well. Players and coaches need to have personality, who wants everyone to be a robot?

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