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USER FOCUS: Mark, Australia

Mark Lee was one of the first ever coaches to get a deck of MatchPlay Cards©️ in Australia way back in 2018. Why? We caught up with Mark and his coaches at MLFC to hear their top 4 reasons to play games with MatchPlay Cards©️.

1️⃣ Give players back THEIR game

"It is really important that kids run from the car to the start of our sessions because they know they're going to play games straight away. It is about them making their own decisions in the game. We are big advocates of just letting the kids play."

"The percentage of kids going on to the professional level is so small but you have an opportunity to make 99.9% of kids have a wonderful time playing the game."

2️⃣ Challenge PLAYERS individually

"There is no such thing as an elite kid. When they come to sport, there should be no label attached to them, the only label we want is that they love the game."

"I add a player challenge with MatchPlay Card©️ into the game I wouldn't stop the game and tell everyone, I would just go and give the player their challenge."

"We may add a player challenge card into the game but keep it hidden from the other players, wow, it challenges players. It adds a whole new dynamic to the game with bonus points."

3️⃣ The RESPONSE we get from the players

"Deliver MatchPlay Cards©️ to the players in the most magican like way you can, give them choice, add them in at random times, let them touch and feel the cards."

"The game changes when you add MatchPlay Cards©️ into your session because the players have to adapt to the new team or player challenge in play. You see and hear the laughter and smiles when we add MatchPlay Cards©️ into our small sided games. You will see leader take shape with the team challenges you add in."

4️⃣ Because kids want to be play the game

"We use a lot of small sided games with MatchPlay Cards©️, they have massively helped as the coach, we want to encourage creativity and the cards do that. Players have the ownership to make decisions in the games"

"Start with the game! When kids come to training they want to know that they are going to do the things they enjoy and actually signed up to do. If you start with a game, you will see a change in body language and decision making."

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