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Ideas for coaching odd numbers

We have all been there, we arrive for an action-packed session planned to the finest and smallest of details fit for an even number of players attend and then reality kicks in, an odd number arrive! Here are a few ideas to support your coaching delivery as you add MatchPlay Cards© into your training games...

"It’s crucial for coaches to provide the right conditions for players to thrive. It doesn't matter what setting you coach in – creating a positive environment is really important." - FA Learning


Use MatchPlay Cards© as individual challenges to create opportunities for certain players to get in the game or the use of a whole team challenge to encourage a behavior change can restrict and reward the game to afford a certain outcome.

How you reach the decision of who plays with the underload is also worth exploring; Rock, paper, scissors? A two-round penalty shoot-out? 2-0 scenario head start for the underload team?