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Developing Reflective Players

Reflection allows us to dive into our experiences to support our future decision making.

Are we creating space in the session to have conversations? What are you doing around ‘downtime’ periods to create conversations? Who are you sharing conversations with? Coaching is all about people and with that comes conversation but in a hectic and chaotic world of distractions in a technology-driven age, it is becoming harder and harder to create conversation.

When we ask questions our minds begin to dive into our library of experiences and knowledge, even more so when we ask questions that people will enjoy answering. It is worth considering when and in what tone we ask our questions, players will often be more forthcoming when we ask questions informally rather than in a military-style and authoritative approach.

Players want the play the game so tactically using the time in and around this is golden, leaving Reflection MatchPlay Cards next to the water bottles during breaks or during transition moments between exercises maximising the time to get meaningful and productive learning from our experiences.