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Gameday Coaching

Matchday is back and we're super excited! An extension of training, matchdays create an opportunity for coaches to connect players to their super strengths and grow a love for the game. We spend plenty of time planning our sessions but do we plan out matchdays? Coaching interactions? Player questions? Team challenges? Here are a couple of our top tips and tricks to get the most out of your players...


Young people believe in magic and that everything is possible, create a story of adventures using role models to transport players to a whole new world. Zooming in on what players are good at will only improve their self-awareness and self-belief, attributes we want in every player surely? If you ask a player what they are good at, they often struggle to tell you which means we need to talk about their strengths more.

“You shouldn’t be working in youth development if you think your job is to win every game and not produce players for the senior team...” Aidy Boothroyd, U21 England Manager