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World Class Thinkers, Australia Rugby

The race to peak performance for the 2022 World Cup in New Zealand is on and given the longer than anticipated break away from each other due to COVID restrictions, coaches of Rugby Australia have been creating new stimulus in camp with Reflection MatchPlay Cards to check and challenge learning.

Handing them out to players before and after training sessions, at meals, or in team meetings, Wallaroos Head Coach Dwayne Nestor and his staff are using Reflection MatchPlay Cards to stimulate meaningful conversations and interactions within the group to capture learning and support future decisions.

"These provide reflective questions for individuals or groups around a multitude of topics that relate to anything from how mentally positive the player is going into the session to thinking of a super hero trait that they would like" - Dwayne Nestor, Wallaroos Head Coach

Promoting players to take an active role in their reflection rather than telling them directly takes players to a learning space of higher clarity and trust, installing a belief and commitment to the learning process.