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7 Things we’ve learnt from 2019

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Language unlocks potential:

Eddie Jones has captured our eyes and ears ever since he took control of England but when Eddie responded to a question from the media during the World Cup with “I didn’t drop him… I just changed his role” referring George Fords removable from the starting 15 against Australia it made us think, does the language we use unlock potential or does it hinder it?

Alternative names for positions that describe their role in the team from @ThomasWHartley

We probably over coach our players:

In May we had a ‘work’ trip to South Africa, hanging out with coaches and exploring what Pretoria had to offer. Biggest takeaway? The youngster who had the least amount of coaching were probably the most creative ones!

Don’t cheat - Study the game:

Know that coach who has swallowed the coaching handbook and plays buzzword bingo at every possible opportunity? Arsenals Head of Coach, Marcel Lucassen, certainly does. In a recent interview, he was quoted by saying….“most coaches haven’t got a clue themselves and try to mask that with words”.

Commit to your philosophy:

You have a playing philosophy but does your training connect that? Do players feel and see the game as they would during the competitive match? Jürgen Klopp’s assistant, Pepijn “Pep” Lijnders described how Liverpool's high counter-pressing philosophy is felt throughout everything they do; “It’s quite simple; it’s just about the continuing stimulation of our mentality to conquer the ball as quick and as high up the pitch as possible. That element comes back in every exercise.” Read the full article here.

A co-coaching partnership that is built a strong platform of love for the game.

The Coaching Lab Founder, Jack Rolfe sharing the coaching philosophy from a previous club.

When we neglect ourselves, we neglect others:

Whoever asks how the coach is feeling and getting along? Our mental health is critical just as it is for the players we support. Hanging out at Google StartUp we took away a few tools: Write a wellbeing list, plan your diary and have more conversations. Read the full blog here.

Call the goalkeeper by their name:

It sounds so simple and easy but how often do we just shout across the field "In we come goalkeeper?" or "Goalkeeper over there" Rather than calling them by their name. We wouldn't call midfielder, forward, a defender across the field would we?

Think individual, think long term:

Maybe one of our favourites from 2019... Making your whiteboard magnetics the faces of the players! Imagine the impact on the players during team talks and the transfer of information to the field. Thanks for sharing Richard Young!

Thanks for supporting The Coaching Lab in 2019, see you on the flipside!


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