5 Top Tips Post Lockdown

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

It's almost back! After months of Zoom quizzes, virtual classes and WhatsApp groups, sport is making a slow return and we can't wait! What are your biggest learnings of lockdown? What are the things you've missed most?


Check this out from Hill House School! Staff were able to continually check and challenge players learning through games, helping staff see players in the future and design sessions to support development. Considering themselves as game designers, using MatchPlay Cards as a supportive tool, staff were able to open up possibilities for players to make decisions and take action in order to solve game-related problems.

"When kids feel like they belong, their attendance, motivation, and retention increase. Elements of caring include listening, empathizing, respect, and acceptance—regardless of winning"


The importance of creating sessions that ask players to make multiple decisions in varying situations is critical yet true learning is possibly drawn from the moments of reflection and feedback.

Reflection allows us to dive into our experiences to support our future decision making. We can reflect on-action or in-action. Reflection on-action asks us to step back from an experience and capture our immediate thoughts, asking us to commit a certain level of commitment and time towards pulling these thoughts from our experience.

Putting a question into the playing group before an element of a session of before a game to influence the behaviour of players and impact the quality of response to that question after. This would begin to support players in building links and connectivity between their in-game actions and decisions.


We are role models and often on reflection their heroes who impact their vision, belief and love of the game. Promoting and encouraging players strengths into super strengths will continually push their self-awareness and also their self-belief.

Create an opportunity for one team to challenge another based on their observations and experiences they have just had. Where do they think the opposition can challenge them more? And what do they think the opposition can do to be more successful?


How often do we go into a matchday knowing exactly what the opposition will do? The question then comes back to training, how often do we give each team in training a different challenge? Creating a valuable situation where players must identify and navigate their way through problems that the opposition throw at them. Challenge one team to identify their opposing teams' MatchPlay Card challenge before wrapping the experience together at the end with a joint team reflection or with peer to peer conversations.

"Use them in training and games to encourage player awarness, creativity and reflection." - Courtney Porter Skill Acquisition Specialist, Australia


"A personality to inspire and connect is a golden ticket to creating an environment where players feel comfortable to be themselves and thrive to be even better. " Jack Rolfe - Founder of The Coaching Lab

As coaches are we neglecting individual development within the team environment? Does prioritising team development over individual development lock-in a players creativity and the allowance to show off their flare? We don’t want players to be boring, remember! #DontBeBoringBeExciting

Youngsters believe in miracles, they ride a journey of adventure and exploration on a trail of discovery. Their imagination is often untouched dreams are still sky-high, it is our role as coaches to promote these feelings into actions. Creating a story of energy and trivia in our session delivery.

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