4 Ways to get more out of MatchPlay Cards

Updated: Feb 10

When are we going to play a game? It is the most asked question we get asked as coaches but not anymore! MatchPlay Cards have been developed to support coaches coach through games with the ability to add different levels of complexity. They allow players to ride their learning journey as they experience representative game challenges in a decision-rich environment. Here are four ways to get the most out of them...

🗣 Think individual:

Who are you giving MatchPlay Cards to? And why? How would that certain card support or stretch the individual within the game?

🌋 Adapt & Overcome:

Combine a small set of MatchPlay Cards that are representative of a teams style. Set one team the cards but don't tell their opponents. Can they adapt and overcome to #ChangeTheGame?

🔗 Create & Connect:

Preselect MatchPlay Cards that connect and link to the overall session theme. Consider when you are going to weave them into the session and what the game format will look like.

"A great innovation to help young people take ownership of their learning" - Jimmy Culnane, England Hockey Boys U16 Head Coach

⌚️ Get smart with time:

Use time as another dynamic to MatchPlay Cards. How long will each MatchPlay Card be in play for? Will you play the training game in quarters, thirds etc?

Add in-game challenges, create scenarios, promote decision-makers and generate conversation with the MatchPlay Card range. We wanted to create a resource which was not invasive to a coaches personality and delivery but rather supportive to them in coaching through games with the player/s at the centre of everything, promoting more connection and deeper relationships between player - game - coach - environment.

Totally multisport and plastic in their design, MatchPlay Cards are here to #ChangeTheGame. Hit the link to discover the full range to fuel your coaching sessions: (PLUS WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!)

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