Getting more out of reflection

Updated: Feb 13

Reflection is something we all do, formally or informally. Here are our four top tips to dive deeper into your reflection process...

Reflect with others

Reflecting with others who share different views and experiences creates opportunities to better understand our decision-making and understanding. Having diversity in the group that you are reflecting with creates opportunities to add a different perspective and viewpoint on the topics of discussion. If we were to reflect with similar people all the time we begin to build echo-chambers of thoughts, some would say it is like talking to yourself.

"If you want an idea brainstormed make sure your team is as diverse as possible"

What are you actually reflecting on?

As coaches, we are managing and supporting countless ever-moving elements. If we try to reflect on everything at the same time it is likely we will miss critical areas and therefore losing out on learning opportunities. Zoom your lenses of focus in on specific areas, these may include the impact of your game design, the relevance of the practice and its transfer to the game or your coaching interactions with certain players.

When are you reflecting?

Reflection allows us to dive into our experiences to support our future decision making. We can reflect on-action or in-action. Reflection on-action asks us to step back from an experience and capture our immediate thoughts, asking us to commit a certain level of commitment and time towards pulling these thoughts from our experience. Consider blocking out time as a way of engagement, this may be done solo or simply meeting a with a coach for coffee regularly.

Where can you find space to reflect?

The car journey home (Use voice notes to review your reflections!), building in time for reflection in your session design, adding a GoPro camera to the dugout to reflect on your matchday behaviours and interactions, Reflection MatchPlay Cards available to substitutes on the bench, coaches club to reflect with others.

Reflection MatchPlay Cards support us to better understand our environment, experiences and decisions. They're an accessible, playful and interactive tool to wrap learning together. We've put all our favourite conversation starters together in one big bundle where the answers to questions can't be 'yes' and 'no'!


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