3 ways MatchPlay Cards can #ChangeTheGame from those who use them

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We could tell you three ways MatchPlay Cards can #ChangeTheGame but we thought we’d leave this to some coaches across the globe…

1. Alan Good, Charlottesville, USA

Individual player MatchPlay Cards (The white coloured ones!) create a "game within a game" for that player. As a coach, I could provide a specific card to a player to help them with something they struggle with, or they could pick themselves from the deck, which helps me as a coach learn what makes them tick or where they think their challenge points are. Of course, the players selecting cards for each other once again may cause some pandemonium, in a good way - and if a player doesn't "like" the one they are given, it can create a teachable moment around adversity.

2. Mark Lee, Perth Australia

We use them at various times during the session and actually build many sessions around a specific card. It’s wonderful to give a player a card rather than highlight an area of their game they need to work on. The “Loud Speaker” card for those who are quiet or a “Super Hero” card to those less aggressive have had outstanding results. Recently we have been giving them to the parents so they can also feel part of their child’s sessions.

3. Max Drozd, Canada

I use my MatchPlay Cards in two ways: building "Mission Control" boards and giving out personal (sometimes secret) missions. Mission Control boards (just like pictured) are all about setting challenges for small teams and letting the players problem-solve.

Lately, I've been also building "mega-challenges", that last for a week, instead of the individual practice session. “Mega challenges" mean I can leave the cards attached to the board for the whole week. Since they’re plastic in material and survive the elements and travel, I can capture learning over more than one session.

Add in-game challenges, create scenarios, promote decision-makers and generate conversation with the MatchPlay Card range. We wanted to create a resource which was not invasive to a coaches personality and delivery but rather supportive to them in coaching through games with the player/s at the centre of everything, promoting more connection and deeper relationships between player - game - coach - environment.

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