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The Coaching Lab is thrilled to release the news that we've been shortlisted as a 2020 Innovative Business Finalist with the Kent Business Awards. 

Thanks to your amazing belief and backing MatchPlay Cards have been sent on adventures to over 25 countries since their release in November 2018, impacting countless sports and reaching a huge range of environments from grassroots to high performance. 

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“I’ve always taken the approach it is good to be different. I didn’t want The Coaching Lab to be a copy and paste job… that would be too easy. I wanted to break the rules of tradition and add excitement back into the way coaching is delivered”

Jack Rolfe
Founder of The Coaching Lab

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The MatchPlay Cards series has challenged coaches to think differently, supporting more representative game design and putting the player at the centre of the coaching process. They have given players a voice in their own game, promoting in-game decision-makers, growing tactical magicians who are curious and adaptive to the demands of the game.

All finalists will be announced on the Business Bunker Radio Show, 17 March which is on air between 1 pm – 3 pm. You can tune in right here

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