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Last week we checked at the Google Campus London to hear presentations around on Mental Health At Work. Here’s what we took away… 

Well-being list

It may sound “Fluffy” to some people but writing a well-being list simply keeps your grounded and connected to what really keep you ticking and smiling. This may include things like turning your phone off at 9pm, dropping by your favourite smoothie bar on the way to work or turning up your favourite songs on Spotify. 

Plan your diary!! 

Not scheduling meetings for 8:30am on a Monday morning to allow a work free weekend, blocking out exercise time where nothing can be clashed or double booked and write things down rather than storing them in your mind. 

When you wake up in the morning, what do you feel? 

It is pretty common practice in high performance sport where players are asked how they feel in the morning but are coaches asked the same? Having a notebook beside your bed and jotting down your feels or mood when you wake up has a surprising amount of benefits. 

Mental Health in the work place 

1 in 4 will experience mental health throughout any given year, that’s 25%. How can we support this in the work place? Open doors in work spaces, greater peer-to-peer support - Have a bloody conversation! Develop communities in the work place, don’t work alone.

A few of our favourite snippets:

“Eating Al Desko” - Not taking breaks form your desk. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of the laptop. How healthy is this…?

“When we neglect ourselves, we neglect others”

“A learning lead culture” 

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