Greeting is important!

The little things add up to make a huge difference! You couldn’t walk anywhere without someone saying "Good Morning/ Afternoon" or "Hey there my man" often with a good handshake. It is surprising how valued and wanted you feel when someone goes out of their way to greet you. How often do we have an interaction with every single player when they rock up to training?

Sport is a tool to bring people together 

It would be the norm for teams to have a huddle with the opposition post game (No matter the result!). An opportunity to reflect and recognise the work of particular individuals or magic moments. Can we go to the next level and have pre match and/or half time chats combined? It would be interesting to check out what the opposition are thinking and planning to challenge your time. #StrategicMagicians

Find moments to calmness

South Africans know how to chillax! Those moments of escapism and calmness where you are able to recharge is an important part of a South Africans life style. Simply heading to a coffee shop without your phone or heading into the bush to walk with elephants provides this moments of reflection.

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