When we sat down to shortlist guest speakers for this event it was important to us that we choose speakers who were coaching in the live environment. An environment which requires constant reflection, adaptation and innovation to successfully grow players to thrive. In Jonathan, Mark and Jon we certainly got this. Here is the round up…. 

Jonathan Hunter-Barrett 

Head of Academy Coaching - Wolverhampton Wanderers 

What is the strategy and how will you implement it?

Wolves coaching staff will go through 2 coaching competency reviews per year, these are supported and reflected with co-coaches. Some areas of review would include behaviour, session design and session detail.

As part of the clubs, games programme the only formal ‘competitive’ fixtures for players would be annual tournaments or cups. All other fixtures would be mixed formats against varying opposition levels with the focus of connecting clubs principles of play and the previous training sessions together.

Academy staff are now spending more time sitting with parents during games across the age groups to bridge the gap between coach-parent-athlete relationship. It is hoped these informal conversations and observations will go along way in growing the connection.

Mark Hager

England and Great Britain Head Coach - Women's Hockey 

What is your team's point of difference? 

“Gameday should be: Clear, Light and Bright”

The technical foundations of a player are critical for the success and implementation of a certain focus.

Each player is considered a piece of the puzzle, where does each player fit in? What do they do to influence the game? 

“Coaches must find a hobby away from the sport they coach, otherwise it can kill you. Mine was deep-sea fishing back”

Practice scenarios that represent the demands of the game


'Gameday should be: Clear, Light and Bright'

Mark Hager - England and Great Britain Head Coach


Jon Bleby

GB Elite Development Programme Head Coach - Men's Hockey 

“The higher you go the higher the importance of the basic skills”

Creating times for players to meet with coaching staff during the busy times of the programme.

The principle of 80:20. Using skills that can be executed 80% of the time, in comparison to 20%. 

“Manage what you say quarter times, two coaching points at max… Between me and my assistant Kwan we are conscious of how much information we give the boys through competition”

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